I hate Children in Need day. Not the organisation, It’s a worthy charity, lots of kids live awful lives and need financial help so I have no problem giving over the money, it’s just the rest of stuff that comes with it. People imposing their idea of fun upon you. Why not just take the money and stop trying to be zany. Why don’t you sit in a bath filled with beans? Forget that here’s my fiver. Why don’t you hop around on one foot with half a moustache wearing your shirt and tie backwards? Forget that here’s a tenner. After escaping these japes at work your then confronted with the continuing enforcement of other people’s idea of hilarity on Children In Need night. At the peak of her career you have Cash In The Attic ‘star’ Angela Rippon dolled down as a man performing Morecambe and Wise sketches. The BBC news team in drag performing a series of Abba hits. Cross dressing is a common theme.

Not wanting to completely cut myself off from the event I did go to work in fancy dress. I went as what wannabe social recluse Wally should go as. He needs to be more subtle. I question his heart when it comes to being a loner, he doesn’t dress in a way which suggests that he doesn’t want to be found. I wore his stripey t-shirt and glasses but no hat. His hat is a stripey beacon that stands out in a crowd. Hatless you instantly become more discreet. I also grew a beard, I explained to the children that Wilma had left me for somebody who wasn’t so uneasy around other people. I also ditched the walking stick, appearing disabled on a crowded page may not make him a stand out character but it still makes him a minority figure and slightly easier to pick out. Through making these changes I wanted people to say ‘Where’s Wally?’ and really mean it. Infact, alot of people came up to me and asked who I was dressed as and when that happended I knew I’d succeeded.

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